Cross Approach®

Do you wish to give your employees access to specific documents from your managementsystem? Look no further, because Cross Approach® is the tool you need!

Suitable for every device
If you either use a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone; Cross Approach® will always work. It is platform independent. Cross Approach® is available on Windows, Android or iOS.
Solution for document management

With Cross Approach® you can easily create and manage all your documents such as ISO or quality manuals, procedures and instructions. The documents are made accessible to the employees through readers' groups.

Assistance & Support

KMO Development can support you in transferring all your existing documentation and information to Cross Approach®, while ensuring that your information is stored correctly in Cross Approach®.

Cross Approach® has a built-in flowchart editor. You can increase the effectiveness of your documents with images and other layout options
Variety of documents

Each document consists of a number of elements. The handbook administrator has the possibility to determine per document group which elements are available per document

Easy access & permissions

With simple settings you can give employees, auditors or advisors permission and access to read documents. Through a selection of manuals you determine which manuals are available to them.